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Tulip - Contemporary Handmade Wedding Stationery, Invitations and Keepsakes. Our Blog about some lovely pieces of art and Wedding days.

Why I'd pitch up in a Land Rover!

louise seymour

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Hello! My first ever blog on the launch of my shiny, new website. Exciting! Planning a wedding is a bit like a safari! Stay with me here and I'll explain!

I found when i started to plan my own Wedding Stationery, all those years ago, there were many questions to answer. Who to invite, when to send, why was it so difficult to source what i wanted and what to write in the inserts! A deep breathe later, i began to organise my thoughts (and here comes the Safari analogy)!

As I'm sure you're aware by now there are a plethora of things to organise when planning a wedding. If you break all the parts down they become solvable as a list of many projects. The venue is obviously the safari lodge, the wedding transport is the elephant, the photographers would be the giraffes and I see the band as a pride of lions preening themselves as they strut around the stage! Bit over the top? Maybe, but isn't that what weddings are all about!

So what would I see the Wedding Stationery as? Well, I like to think of Tulip as the trusty, faithful Land Rover. Ever reliable, cool in a classic way and the vehicle which leads your guests towards your big day.

I hope one of my designs works for you.