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Fonts & Wording

Tulip - Contemporary Handmade Wedding Stationery, Invitations and Keepsakes. Fonts & Wording.

Fonts & Wording


We have access to a vast selection of fonts. Below are our favourites. Traditional, Modern or Contemporary: it's your choice! If none of these work for you and you have something specific in mind please let us know.


It is your wedding, which means you can write whatever you like on your stationery! Below are a few examples ranging from formal through to informal. These can be altered or adapted to suit you or you can come up with something all of your own! The only thing to bear in mind is space, the more you write, the smaller the font!


With this type of invitation the person or people hosting are normally named first. If the ceremony is a religious one 'the honour of your presence' is used, if the ceremony is a civil one this is replaced with' the pleasure of your company'


This insert is for when you are hosting the event yourself. If you wish to allow space for the guest's name then it can be done using a hybrid of this template and the one above.


Your invitation can be as informal as you wish. There are no rules except time and place!


Do you have a favourite quote or piece of poetry? The only thing to bear in mind is space can be limited on the insert.